Tiny Tumz is a food blog that focuses on providing simple but delicious recipes for babies, toddlers and children. I’ll also pop up some cafe, restaurant and product reviews from time to time, because let’s face it, it’s nice to not have to do the dishes!

Being a member of numerous parenting groups on social media I noticed that people were often looking for inspiration on what to feed their little ones. From the first stages of weaning through to school lunch ideas (and the restrictions they come with.) Having gained my diploma in diet and nutrition several years ago (although I don’t practice), having a major love for cooking, and feeding my own young son I realised I maybe in a position to assist. And so, Tiny Tumz was born.

One thing I do alot with my sons meals is batch cook them. I get my husband to entertain the little monster while I head into the kitchen for a couple of hours every-other weekend and cook up a storm. I then divide them in to small pots and whack them in the freezer. It makes my life so much easier, seriously who has time to cook baby/kids meals from scratch everyday???

To help you out at the top of each post you’ll see what age the recipe is suitable from, whether it can be frozen, and if it contains meat or common allergens.

While I advocate feeding your little ones healthy food, you will find that there are some recipes for treats occasionally as well. I’m not here to judge how often you choose to give treats, whether you buy only organic foods, if you use Ella pouches sometimes, we’re all parents and we all do that job differently and to the best of our abilities.

Please remember, I’m a mama, and home cook,  I’m not a chef, a food stylist, or a professional photographer, so if your looking for perfect images this is not the site for you. I will however give you plenty of realistic dishes.

I love to get your opinions on my recipes and reviews, so please feel free to comment or send me a message, however trolling will not be tolerated and trolls will be bashed with my rolling pin 🙂

Please beware that I am not a Dietitian or a Pediatrician, if you have any concerns when it comes to feeding your bundle of joy please consult a professional.

I hope you and your little ones enjoy my recipes.

Em  x